Pablo Larrazabal

Born in Barcelona, Spanish golfer Pablo Larrazàbal was bought up in a family of sporting greats. His father played for Venezuela in the world cup, whilst Pablo famously caddied for his brother in the US Masters in 2002. Known for his uncompromising on pitch attitude, here at Lyle and Scott we’re wishing Pablo a very happy 30th birthday.

Q: How did you get into golf?
A: Well my whole family play golf. My father played for Venezuela in the World Cup, my brother is a very good golfer, and I caddied for him at the Masters in 2002. That was a fantastic experience. I knew I wanted to play golf anyway, but going to the Masters just made me want it more. So when I finished university in America I wanted to focus on golf and turn professional straight away. My father had other ideas though, he sent me to work on his fish farm so that I learnt and understood the value of money what a hard days work was. Eventually I turned professional in 2004 and I haven’t looked back since.

Q: Who were your early influences? 
A: Well obviously my father and my brother, but Spanish golf has many great personalities. Of course there is the late Seve, he was an incredible man and someone we all looked up to. I am also good friends with Miguel Angel Jimenez and Jose Maria Olazabal.

“The joy of golf is that the top of the leader board changes from week to week, anyone can win, as long as you work hard, focus and have a little luck on your side. ..”Pablo Larrazàbal

Q: Could you outline some of your greatest achievements so far in your career?
A: Well it has to be my wins at the French Open in 2008, and more recently my win at the BMW International in Munich in 2011. I beat Sergio Garcia in a play-off to take the title in Munich, he made it difficult but we had fun and I had to make three birdies to take it!
I also played in the World Cup in 2008 for Spain, it is such an honour representing your country.

Q: What do you love about golf?
A: It depends what kind of day I am having, sometimes everything, sometimes nothing! Seriously, I love the lifestyle, sure sometimes it can get a little repetitive being away from home and living in hotels, but we are very lucky to be doing something we love for a living. We get to see the world, stay in good hotels in some of the most amazing cities in the world.

Q: What are your favourite courses in the UK and Internationally?
A: The Old Course at St Andrews is probably my favourite in the UK. It is the home of golf and you can’t really top it! Wentworth, the West Course where the BMW PGA is held is also a great course, especially now that the changes have been. Internationally I love my home course, El Prat in Barcelona, it is a little bit like my second home.
The most beautiful course we play has to be Crans-Sur-Sierre GC in Crans Montana, Switzerland where the Omega European Masters is played, every hole has an incredible view!

Q: Why would you encourage young people to play this sport?
A: It can be incredibly rewarding. Don’t get me wrong it can be incredibly frustrating too but to compete with the best of the best every week in something you love is a great feeling. The joy of golf is that the top of the leader board changes from week to week, anyone can win, as long as you work hard, focus and have a little luck on your side.

Q: What are your future plans and goals?
A: To win a major! That is the ultimate, more than on Major would be great. I have just slipped out of the top 100 in the world golf rankings for the first time in a year and a half, so in the short term I want to play my way back in to the top 100.

Q: What is your favourite piece of “Club” in our range at the moment?
A: That is a tricky question because I like the whole range! I guess my favourite shirt is the Club Bold Stripe Polo shirt. My favourite colour of that shirt is the red and blue, FC Barcelona’s colours, but I also like the navy blue and white stripes.

Q: Why do you favour the Lyle and Scott brand?
A: I like the style and the fit of the clothes, both on the course and off it. The casual clothes are so comfortable which is essential when you travel as much as we do. The style and colours stand out from other brands on the course, and that’s what I like to do too.

Q: When you’re not playing golf, what are you doing?
A: I like to spend time with my girlfriend, friends and family. If I have time I like to go on holiday somewhere away from everything, last year we went to Thailand and it was so relaxing. I go to the gym, play some tennis with my brother, watch FC Barcelona play, relax and catch up with friends. You are away so much of the year that it is so nice to be able to be at home with friends and family.

Q: What’s your favourite kind of music?
A: I like most music, it depends what mood I am in! When I am on the range hitting balls, I like to listen to Eminem.

Q: Tell us something about you we wouldn’t know, what’s your hidden talent?
A: Hmm, I like to play tennis, I often play against my brother and I beat him…. well, most of the time!

Q: What do you think of the changing style of golfers? How do you feel you differ from golfers from older generations? 
A: Well, I would like to say we are a little more colourful than most, however then you think of someone like John Daly! I think we are perhaps a little more style-conscious now, it has become a bit of a competition between us all on Tour. You want to look your best as well as play your best.




Q: Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to chat with us Context. For those who are unfamiliar with you and your music, could you tell us a little about yourself?

A: Im an artist from Norwich – probably not the most exciting place for a rapper to be from but I love it. I just make rap tunes about me and my mates basically; rap music never really spoke to us growing up, but I thought our lives and our story needed telling. I’ve been putting out music since 2008, was the first unsigned act ever to be on the MTV Brand New list in 2012 and I just signed with EMI/Sony/ATV in June, so yeah, its all pretty positive at the minute which is nice!

Q: Where did it all start for you, how long have you been recording?
A: I reckon when I got chucked out of home as soon as school ended and I went to live with my missus and best mate in a proper ropey house in Norwich and was working in a call centre. On the one hand it was amazing, being independent and all that, but on the other it was a reality check of like ‘where is my life going’ and also just seeing how people lived instead of being cocooned like you are in school. Yeah I just started experimenting with abstract stuff over American beats and it all evolved from there.

Q: Where did the name Context come from?
A: I want to put rap music into a context that makes sense for people like me and my mates. Its not glamorous and its not hood either; it’s a lost middle.

Q: What have you been up to over the summer?
A: I guess signing my publishing deal with EMI/Sony/ATV was the big one, and then the festival circuit; Wireless, Reading, Leeds. That was quality. And then just boring life stuff; moving house which is a complete nightmare!

Q: You’re track Small Town Lad sentiments has just released with a remix feauturing Mike Skinner. How was it working with him?
A: Ah mate was bonkers. He tweeted me after hearing the track on MistaJam’s show on 1Xtra asking to remix it and banged it out in a few days. Then a few weeks later he asked if he could do a video. Was mad going round Norwich in the pubs and greasy spoons that I grew up in, with a bloke who we all grew up listening to. Surreal as anything. But yeah, amazing. It was also like a nod of approval you know. People sometimes compare us so he might have not been happy about it, but as you can see from the video, he’s embraced it.

Q: How do you feel about those comparisons, and how would you describe your sound?
A: Thing is that we are probably 2 of the only people talking about the things we talk about, in the way we talk about it (the last bit being key). For me, its sound, because the great thing about Mike was that it bought “rap” music into the consciousness of people who didn’t really care for it. It spoke to them in a different way; if people think I am speaking to people in a different way too, that’s amazing in my book.

Q: You’ve received a lot of love from urban giants SBTV and your latest track was recently MistaJams “jam of the week” on 1xtra.
A: Basically “the media” for lack of a better term have been absolutely unreal with me from day one. So supportive. The first track I ever made in 2008 in Garageband with a borrowed microphone got played on Radio 1 by Huw Stephens, and its been like that ever since. Mistajam and Huw have been massive supporters, as well as like Zane and tons more at Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Kiss too. MTV of course have backed me hugely. SB.TV, The Guardian, The Independent, VICE, RWD ah, when I say it its been amazing really.

Q: Who/what are your main influences?
A: Anyone who is unashamedly themselves. But if I had to make a list I’d say things like; Drake, Giggs, Mike Skinner, old Mobb Deep, Caravaggio, Alix Perez, Logistics, SpectraSoul. And Norwich of course.

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to work with in the future?
A: Booka Shade would amazing. I know they aren’t about anymore but I’d love to have worked with Faithless. They are unreal

Q: Any British artists we should be keeping our eyes on?
A: The geezer who made the track Drowning with that nutty underwater video – Great Skies – is a sick producer. We’ll be working more together. New Machine too. We’ve got stuff dropping really soon.

Q: What’s your typical on and off stage style?
A: Do you know, in all of my life, I’ve never once thought about that! I tend to just wear as much dark stuff as I can – I cant rock bright colours. I dress the same on and off stage really. I guess I’m fortunate to be working with brands which I really love – like yourselves – which gives me a lot of freedom to wear the things I like.

Q: What do you like about British style, is there anyone whose style you truly admire?
A: Tinie always looks pretty swagged out doesn’t he. I’ve got a mate like that who can just wear anything and look sick. I absolutely am not one of those guys haha. Alex Turner’s also got that ‘I look like I don’t care, but actually I probably do’ look nailed fully as well. You know actually who is a style boss; Ozwald Boateng. Bossy

Q: If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
A: Ah, well, if I only had three, I’d need a bit of variety innit, so:
Mobb Deep – The Infamous
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
Then one of the decent Fabric mixes, maybe 44 by Commix